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Jenn Weinshenker ~ Statement

              I am inspired by a world in which I am often a reluctant participant. War and peace; love and isolation; purpose and freedom; are pieces of the puzzle I try to fit together, in an effort to find sanity and peace of mind. I suppose all of my work is a metaphysical manifestation of what I am trying to work out; to understand; about life, history and human nature.

When Iím painting, unplanned symbolic images step out of the shadows like some kind of mute resolution, making its presence known. My inspiration and approach to my work is a direct pathway into my psyche.


Writing poetry has been a passion all of my life. I was reciting Robert Frost and Poe to my Grandmother before I could write my name. I have always loved the sound of the written word. I have always been an avid reader and approached life like a perpetual student. Being reclusive by nature writing has been the other part of a conversation of thought between those that have gone before me and my own observations and experiences.

I have worked very hard to find my life again, after having been in a serious car accident some years ago. I have learned to accept life and embrace all of it. My work continues to reflect what I have seen and experienced. I will probably die one day with a brush in my callused hand, thinking about some poem I am working on, if..... I am very, very lucky.