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Table of Contents

1.outside my window

2.  a  lizard in snake skinned boots

3.  a dancing white elephant

4.  the pasture

5.  hoolahoops

6.  the curb

7.  the burden

8.  a life worth living




a dancing white elephant


 we drank tea
 against a back drop of boulders
 left there
 impossibly balanced
 ages ago
 you said to me
 a white elephant
 you were pointing at some clouds
 child like
 see there
 the tail
 the ears
 itís dancing
 but as hard as I tried to focus
 on the echo of cerulean and white
 all I could see
 was your countenance
 so beautifully radiant and full of grace
 it makes my heart glad to know
 the pure creativity of thought
 we once shared
 has remained
 ever true
 precious friend
 near as the next breath
 I love you still



copyrights reserved by jenn weinshenker