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Table of Contents

1.outside my window

2.  a  lizard in snake skinned boots

3.  a dancing white elephant

4.  the pasture

5.  hoolahoops

6.  the curb

7.  the burden

8.  a life worth living




the curb


a flash of sunlight stuns my windshield
 and draws my attention away from the truck in front of me
 to a car parking in the lot across the street
 where a young football player slams his door shut
 and without looking back
 walks toward the corner store
 two spaces up
 a thin white haired man
 makes sure his door is locked
 and heads in the same direction
 only as he leans forward
 to step up onto the sidewalk
 he falls
 right into the arms of the young man

 they ease down to the curb in one fluid motion
 the boy never looks up or calls for help
 he just sits there
 tenderly cradling the old man
 a panicked store clerk runs out
 her gestures indicate an ambulance has been called
 then the light turns green
 and moved
 I drive the rest of the way home
 not knowing


copyrights reserved by jenn weinshenker


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